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OMG, the Bleach Concept Covers album samples are out!! I didn't even expect samples for this CD. You can listen to them here: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Arch/SV/BLEACH/index.html

Soifon and Yoruichi's Houki Boshi sounds like it will be really good! And Inada Tetsu singing Hikari no Rokku... xDD Also, Morita's voice fits Orange Range songs so well! ^^

I really can't wait for this CD... :D
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Listening to the Arakawa radio show. Some highlights of this show: (quoted from the deargirlstories comm)

--- Sugita said pink looks good on Kamiya
--- Kamiya said he likes the vegetable sticks from 7-11, and Sugita said he is "kawaii" and Omigawa said he is like a girl.
--- Omigawa(female) said a staff mistook Kamiya as her because they look the same from behind - similar haircut & small build.

LOL at Kamiya being mistaken for a girl. xDD Oh, Kamiyan~~ Your cuteness meter has just shot up! <3 <3 Though, I don't really understand what's funny about liking the vegetable sticks... And yes, he looks very good in pink! :D

Also, I ordered from CDjapan a couple days ago... bought the DGS Hibiki fanbook! <3 Yay! xD
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I had no idea there was a seiyuu event for Working!! OMG, if Kamiya, Fukuyama, and OnoD performed Heart no Edge ni Idomou, I might just die. xD That song is epic.

Next time I have some money, I need to buy the Dear Girl ~Stories~ CDs that I don't have. Since I'm kind of a new fan, I'm waaay behind on all the releases (read: I don't have any of them xD ).

In other news, I bought a hat today at Target that looks like Erika's from Durarara.
It's kinda awesome. 8D

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I've finished ordering X-mas presents, so now all of my money can go towards buying seiyuu stuff!! :D Uh oh...maybe that's not such a good thing.. ^^;;

I need to get Kamiya Hiroshi's 'for myself' single, because the PV sounds SO cute. Apparently he's in a tank top and shorts running on a treadmill and doing push-ups -- and failing. xDD The song sounds really good too. So jealous of those in Japan who got to see the PV early at the KAmiYU in Wonderland event!!

Also, the Bleach Concept Covers album comes out on the same day as Kamiya's single! Hurry up, December 15th!!